31 Lake George, New York

Boy Scout California Store Highland Park IL

1393 Half Day Rd
Highland Park, IL 60035
(847) 432-0026

When George and I drove up we saw something weird. A guy in the parking lot ran up to a guy putting his purchases away and got his autograph and snapped a selfie together. Considering his height and build he was a possibly an athlete. I guess they, like many, are home handymen too. Now getting here keep in mind Rt 41 runs all the way to Milwaukee and merges into 94 and 294 going through Chicago into Indiana. If one wanted to you can drive straight in a line and hit them all (and I have). But alongside you'll see a bunch of businesses and those either will be available via exit, or a direct turn off, or a parallel little drive path. This is one such place so if you're heading north like I was, you'll need to get yourself going south then turn off at M&I to take the drive there. Inside its a little mom and pop and nostalgic. It looks family owned and old. I have found in my experience most hardware and home improvements place have a pet section and candy snack section with interesting or weird stuff. Probably for impulse buys or with the instinct homey types also love wildlife or dog and noshing. I went because I wanted some keys cut and was a bit surprised at the rate for a car key it runs between $70-90. The serviceman informed me the dealership or direct manufacturer changes more and takes longer. I also had some other type keys made. The gent at check out was really well suited for customer service and sales. His name I believe was Olio or Orio? Something with an O and IO. Anyhow, I appreciated his warmth and enthusiasm. There was also a man stocking in an aisle who helped me with a question named Mike J ? that was efficient and eager. Aces for this Ace Hardware experience.

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