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Boy Scout California Store San Jose

3449 Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, CA 95117

This place is a unique hodge podge, jam packed with aisle on aisle of awesomeness. They sell everything you may need for an adventure into the California wilderness, or want to stockpile in preparation for impending zombie apocalypse. International military equipment is in the back room: gas masks, pea coats, helmets and satchels. You can also find MRE in bulk, water purifiers, camping equipment, and the best collection of Jansport backpacks in San Jose. My favorite section is the clearance bin, where you can find boots and other shoes for %50 off! The main room has a wide selection of Knives, utility tools, flags, and durable clothing. All in all, the shop is really cool place to walk around and find hidden treasures, or if you know what you're looking for, the knowledgeable staff represents this store with pride :) goodjob guys

NEVER GOING HERE AGAIN!!! After 15 years of shopping at this place, I was very disappointed with the way the lady manager treated me. Here is the story, I have been a bouncer/security officer in SF and SJ and Oak for the past 20 years, 15 years ago I found this place and decided to buy all my gear from there and when I took over a few clubs all over the bay as HOS I would buy all my guards gears at this place. I recently bought two security shirts from there, one 3XL and the other 4XL because I didn't know which would fit my new guard at work. I asked the people that where there at the time and they said "no problem, bring the one that does not fit him back" of course he did not wear the one I brought back and it still had its tags and the hanger it came with. When I came back, I had misplaced my receipt and all I wanted to do was to trade it in for store credit and use it for a UV flashlight that cost $50 there and a new security jacket for one of my guys which it cost $59.. Well this lady was stern and made it look like I was up to something and did not wanna take my trade and wanted to charge me a 20% restocking fee on a $15.99 t-shirt. LOL.. wow how desperate can someone be. I said fine, no problem. Can I use the remainder for the other two purchases I want to make, She said, "No, only for the same type of t-shirt in a different size." I told her, I have been coming here for so many years and its not about the money, I am not trying to get over you for $15, I just wanna buy something els. Well she kept making it seem like it was over the money and I finally had enough of being disrespected and told her, "you know what, keep the freakin shirt and I don't even want my money back. I have been a loyal customer of yours and this is the way you treat me. No problem, I will take my business somewhere els. I was about to drop over $100 that day and this suborn women who called herself a manager lost me as a customer aft er 15 years over $15. I would tell everyone not to waist there time at a place that does not appreciate your business. I always rather spend my money at a mom and pop shop over any corporate owned store and even amazon. Its these type of people that destroy there own business and then blame it on other things. Don't waist your money there and there are much better and other surplus stores around the bay area that will appreciate your business and treat you with respect and won't sell you short over $15.

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