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No. Due to the importance of visitor safety and proper planning to make sure you have a great stay, all visitors to Oso Lake must be pre-registered campers. Day use and overnight visitors may make reservations prior to your arrival by contacting the Orange County Council of Boy Scouts of America camping coordinator. The phone number is (714) 546-8558 x 136.

Are there biting bugs at Oso Lake?

Yes. The camp is situated in a large natural landscape that is home to wild creatures of all types. It is unusual to see or be bitten by mosquitoes at Oso Lake for most of the year, although the hottest weeks of Summer can be itchy If you arrive unprepared. Ticks are always present in the natural plants that grow here, so it’s recommended you stay out of the brush, stay on the trails, and check yourself for ticks when you return home. Mosquitoes and Ticks are repelled by insect sprays and creams containing at least 20% DEET. It is recommended that you also bring medication or emergency treatments for known allergies you might require in the event of an interaction with a biting or stinging insect.

Are there any poisonous plants at Oso Lake?

Yes. Poison oak is very commonly encountered when you leave established trails, as is poison hemlock. Various mushrooms, stinging nettle, and prickly thistles are also found around camp from time to time, so it is recommended that all campers stay on established trails to avoid these noxious and potentially painful plants. NEVER EAT ANY PLANT FOUND AT OSO LAKE.

Can I bring my well trained and leashed dog(s)?

No. With the exception of trained assistance animals, no pets of any kind are allowed at Oso Lake. Please leave your dog, horse, aardvark, cat, tortoise, hedgehog, rat, snake, pocket fish, or other family pet at home. Seriously, no pets at Oso Lake please. You will be asked to leave if you bring them.

Can I bring alcohol or tobacco into camp?

Alcohol and intoxicating substances are never permitted in camp, period. It is a violation of BSA policy to consume alcohol or intoxicating substances in camp, and campers who are caught with alcohol or any such substance in their possession will be escorted from the property with no warnings or refunds provided. For safety and health reasons, we would prefer you not smoke in camp at all. If you must smoke, smoking is permitted in the designated smoking area ONLY. Please contact the Ranger to determine where the smoking area is. Please do not smoke in the presence of youth, and please LEAVE NO TRACE of your smoking in camp.

How far away are emergency services?

Oso Lake is a suburban camping facility. While emergencies are rare, the Rancho Santa Margarita fire station #45 and Mission Viejo fire station #31 are each less than 4 miles from camp. Mission Hospital is the closest major emergency medical facility. The Orange County Sheriff patrols our area regularly and will respond to emergencies in camp if needed. Cell phone coverage is excellent and emergency response time is very fast if required.


How many campers can be at Oso Lake at a time?

Oso Lake is set up to host up to 300 campers at a time. Camping areas are dividing into 6 distinct group campsites, each capable of holding up to 50 campers each.

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