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CCNA CampsThe Christian Community has been hosting Children’s Camps in North America for over 50 years. There are and have been camps in Ontario, Canada, on the East Coast, Midwest and in Colorado and California. Each camp has its own character connected with its setting, staff and duration of the camp.
The intention is to bring children out of an urban environment into nature to experience the world in new and healthy ways.Christian Community East Coast Children’s Camp The strong daily and weekly rhythms, the caring interest of counselors, the singing, the stories, the crafts, the wide-ranging activities carry the children through the two-three weeks of camp. Children are divided according to age and gender and will spend the whole camp together with their group. Each group has a counselor (or two) who will be with their group continuously, eating, sleeping and doing activities.

East Coast Children’s Camp

Camp Directors: Rev. Carol Kelly, Rev. Oliver Steinrueck and Angela Steinrueck

CCNA Camp CounselorThe East Coast Camp celebrated its 41st anniversary this year! The children of former campers are plentiful. “What IS it?” the parents and friends ask, that makes this camp so special? What is it that goes so deep into the children’s hearts? The most concise and truthful answer is this: it is the Creation of Harmonious Community Life, in living action. We can dream all we like about a new and better world, but camp creates it, in a small but impressive way. The days have a rhythm, which compliment and harmonize the human being. They include nutritious, delicious food, chores, stories, artistic work, singing, nature, wild games, sports, laughter, reverence and gratitude. There are the usual frustrations of living with other people, but we strive to be an example of working through difficulties through conversation and patience.

Midwest Camp view MidwestCamp painting

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