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Boy Scouts California merit badges placement

6829 Etiwanda Ave.

Etiwanda, CA 91739

Orienteering is a sport with very useful skills that could save your life. These skills can be used in a variety of activities from open water navigation, to backpacking, to reading a city map. Everyone should have a basic understanding of orienteering, which utilizes compass and map reading. Please review both the scout and leader instructions found below.

Scout Instructions:

This course will help Boy Scouts as they are required to demonstrate how a compass works and how to orient a map to earn their second class. This will also help the scouts gain an understanding to help with their orienteering merit badge.

1) First, find the plaque located on the block wall near the flagpole. It is shown as a small x on your map.

2) Using the methods shown in your Boy Scout Handbook and with a buddy, measure the height of the flagpole. Mark the flagpole height here: ________feet.

3) You are now at marker 1 (the flagpole). Except for marker #1, markers are circular, orange and white, and mounted in the ground. Located on each marker is a heading and either a letter or a number. Using your map and compass - step away to take a bearing. If you mostly use your map, you will find that the easiest route to travel between markers is often NOT along the direct compass bearing. The challenge is to find each marker in numberical order. At each marker, look down, find the letter or number and write it down here. Then, locate the heading for the next marker location.

Marker 1 - __________

Marker 2 - __________

Marker 3 - __________

Marker 4 - __________

Marker 5 - __________

Marker 6 - __________

Marker 7 - __________

Marker 8 - __________

Marker 9 - __________

4) Bring this sheet to your leader to show that you have completed the course. If you completed the course correctly, you will have decoded a message. Your leader will know the answer.

Leader Instructions:

This course is located at 6829 Etiwanda Ave., Etiwanda, CA 91739. It is the field behind The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Completing this activity helps with the orienteering requirement for First Class. This course is 0.5 miles long, and requires measuring the height of a flagpole. A prepared scout can do the activity in about one hour. This course should not be the first map and compass activity for a scout. The scout must first be taught how to: 1) use a compass to take and follow a bearing; 2) orient a map; 3) read a map; and 4) measure distances. These prerequisites are all found in the Scout Handbook. Hands-on teaching is required for a scout to learn these skills. This course should be a fun and challenging way for a scout to test the skills he just learned. You are welcome to use this course and there is no charge to use this course.

a copy of the scout instructions, a copy of the orienteering control sheet and their Boy Scout Handbook. The orienteering control sheet can be found by

Start at the flagpole. Have each scout read the "Scout Instructions". Make sure each scout has all of the required materials. Part of the challenge is to complete the course in numerical order - along the direct bearing to the next marker. If it is completed correctly, the scout will have decoded a message.

ANSWERS: Flagpole height: 34.5 feet

Marker letters:



This course was constructed and installed in January 2013 by Tanner Blocker as his Eagle Scout project with the assistance, advice, and counsel of Kit Christensen. Metal for the markers was donated, cut and welded by Road Works, Inc. of Pomona, CA. The placement of the markers was provided by the Boy Scouts from Troop 66. The plaque was donated by Marc and Mimi Lauper. Technical assistance was provided by Dave Starr and Richard Adling. Further assistance was offered by Jim Orr. A special thank you to the BSA California Inland Empire Council, Old Baldy District for housing the information for the Orienteering Course located at Long Field.

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