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Boy Scouts California camping merit Badge Answers

Not all merit badge requirements are created equal.

Each merit badge has at least one doozy — a sufficiently sized hurdle standing between a Scout and his embroidered circle of pride.

I went through every merit badge requirement for every merit badge to pick out the most difficult one for each. There are 136 currently available merit badges, meaning I found 136 supremely difficult tasks that introduce Scouts to a variety of skills, hobbies and careers.

Two notes before we get started:

  • Some of these are options within a larger requirement, meaning Scouts unable or unwilling to complete the task listed below might have another way to earn the merit badge.
  • Opinions are bound to differ here. If you disagree on the toughest requirement for a certain merit badge, sound off in the comments section below.

5. Run a small business involving a product or service for at least three months. First find out the need for it. For example: a newspaper route, lawn mowing, sales of things you have made or grown. Keep records showing the costs, income, and profit or loss.

5. Give a talk to your Scout unit or class at school on how people from different groups have gotten along together. Lead a discussion on what can be done to help various groups understand one another better.

5b. Read a biography (with your counselor’s approval) of someone who has made a contribution to America’s heritage. Tell some things you admire about this individual and some things you do not admire. Explain why you think this person has made a positive or a negative contribution to America’s heritage.

5b. Prepare an exhibit, a scrapbook, or a computer presentation, such as a slide show, illustrating three major achievements of the American labor movement and how those achievements affect American workers.

6, avian option, d2. Raise 20 chicks from hatching. Keep records of feed intake, weight gains, medication, vaccination, and mortality. Present your records for review by your counselor.

3b. With your counselor’s approval, choose two animation techniques and … create the animation.

8a. Under the supervision of a qualified archaeologist, spend at least eight hours helping to excavate an archaeological site.

5f2. Shooting 30 arrows in five-arrow ends at an 80-centimeter (32-inch) five-color target at 10 yards and using the 10 scoring regions, make a score of 150.

3b. With your parent’s and counselor’s permission and approval, arrange to meet with an architect at a construction site. Ask the architect to bring drawings that the builder uses to construct the building. While at the site, discuss why the different building materials being used were selected. Discuss how the different building materials and components are attached to each other during construction.

5c. Design a logo. Share your design with your counselor and explain the significance of your logo. Then, with your parent’s permission and your counselor’s approval, put your logo on Scout equipment, furniture, ceramics, or fabric.

8e. Personally take a series of photographs or digital images of the movement of the Moon, a planet, an asteroid, meteor, or a comet. In your visual display, label each image and include the date and time it was taken. Show all positions on a star chart or map. Show your display at school or at a troop meeting. Explain the changes you observed.

3. Select an athletic activity to participate in for one season (or four months). With guidance from your counselor, establish a personal training program suited to the activity you have chosen.

11d. Perform an oil filter and oil change on a vehicle. Explain how to properly dispose of the used oil and filter.

3a. Build and fly a fuel-driven or battery-powered electric model airplane. Describe safety rules for building and flying model airplanes. Tell safety rules for use of glue, paint, dope, plastics, fuel, and battery pack.

3. Write a plan for a backpacking trek of at least five days using at least three different campsites and covering at least 30 miles. … take the trek you have planned and, while on the trek, complete at least one service project approved by your merit badge counselor.

3. Plan and weave EACH of the following projects: A square basket, A round basket, A campstool seat

8c. Build a backyard sanctuary for birds by planting trees and shrubs for food and cover.

3. Sound the following bugle calls: “First Call, ” “Reveille, ” “Assembly, ” “Mess, ” “Drill, ” “Fatigue, ” “Officers, ” “Recall, ” “Church, ” “Swimming, ” “Fire, ” “Retreat, ” “To the Colors, ” “Call to Quarters, ” and “Taps.”

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